Common Computer Problems and there FIX

The computer is a device that is now had become very common for personal uses and offices. It works on the instructions provided by the users. It executes the program at very minimum time. Having so many qualities it also has some problems is arise with a time that affects its working and for that user needs to contact the geek squad tech support team.
There are also some problems that the user can try to solve by himself by performing some simple steps. Now let’s took a look at some basic problems that user can face and try to manipulate them without the help of technician-:
  1. PC is not getting ON-: If your computer is not getting on then it not a big problem because it a very common problem. There are multiple ways that your computer is not getting on such as SMPS failure; the problem with the power supply, the Power cable is damaged.
         • Fix -: If the problem is in your power cable, then you need to get a new power cable. If the problem is in the SMPS then you need to change it and for that, you need to contact at geek squad and they will replace your device and will also perform a full checkup of your device.
  1. Slow computer-: This is said by the technician that the most common problem, he goes for service is slow working on the computer. It is due to that any type of malware had entered in your PC that is making your device to work slowly.
    • Fix-: It can be solved by installing the antivirus program in your system that will remove the virus from your system. Secondly, you can uninstall the applications that are not required by you.
  1. The Computer keeps on restarting-: It can because due to any hardware failure or also can be caused due to software issues.
In hardware, it can be due to the motherboard problem, graphic card problem, network driver issue also.
• Fix:- If it is hardware problem  you need to change the hardware deice by calling a technician from best buy  geek squad  tech supports and they will replace your problem causing hardware device and if it is a software problem then also they can remove the software and will install updated software.

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